Posted: 15.06.2018

A lot of people nowadays are aware of the benefits of online PR and how it can help to get their brand noticed, but nobody seems clear about exactly what impact it can have on their bottom line. This is not an easy question to answer, as discovering what impact PR has on your businesses bottom line really depends on what your business goals are. For example, if you are on online retailer your business goal might be 'to increase awareness of our brand within the UK with our main focus being on the North of England.' Clearly measuring the impact of a PR campaign with this goal in mind will be difficult but not impossible as you can come up with some things that you want to measure that will show what business impact your campaign has had.

So, sticking with the example of increasing awareness of the brand, you could have a goal of getting your company mentioned in some of the relevant publications within the UK, especially those publications in the North of England. You could then pull together a list of the publications you want to target, which is made easier with the use of pr software UK. You can then draw up a list of how you can measure the impact of this campaign as follows:

• Awareness of the company 

If more people are aware of your company then this paves the way for an increase in sales without having to pay telemarketers to do any cold calling. The more your name appears in the press as well, the more information about your company should come up if people search for your company name in Google – and this will help you to build more authority.

• Low-cost third-party endorsements 

Advertising can take up a huge chunk of your marketing budget quite easily, but nowadays more people are likely to buy from a company as they have heard about it from a trusted source rather than from an advertisement. Online PR services help you to target the go-to sources of your intended target audience and contact them to discuss getting your product or service featured.

• Reputation building 

Good PR isn't just about getting headlines it is about presenting the right message about your business to the right customers in the right place by using speaking slots, events and award ceremonies. Targeting the right journalists, bloggers and influences using our software will open you up to getting your message out there in ways you had probably not previously thought about

• Content marketing  

The content that you prepare to share on an online PR site can also be used to fuel your social media posts to help build media awareness of your company and work towards placing you as a thought leader within your niche.

• Motivate your employees 

Online PR can really help to motivate your employees as it makes them want to work harder for such a great company. They can see all this buzz happening online about the awards you have won, and the products you sell and this can impact on them immensely.

To make it easier for you to keep a close eye on how your PR efforts are affecting your bottom line you should:

• Post regularly - post at least one new press release a month which targets key publications with a regular flow of news

• Have a number in mind - decide on how many mentions you want over six months and then work hard to achieve those

• Always add links - most publications will not include a link to your homepage as this is a little bland, but if you include links to relevant research or articles within your press release then this may get picked up and used.

• Monitor website traffic – keeping an eye on this on a regular basis will help you to see what is driving traffic and where it is coming from

• Monitor social media followers and engagement - again keeping an eye on this will help you pinpoint exactly what is driving traffic

• Always produce content to support a new product or service launch - Construct a landing page containing whitepapers, eBooks, webinars and so on and provide a link to this to help drive customers to your site

These are just some of the ways that press release distribution software can have a positive impact on your bottom line, if you put a little effort in. To find out more about our software and what it can do for your business please contact us today on 02087 206 914 or by email at