Posted: 18.04.2018

Search engine optimisation is important. It’s the roadmap that leads people back to your website, social media sites, and of course to your Press Release. But many people don’t recongise the importance of using SEO in both their press release and their distribution methods.

As apart of our PR software solutions we offer various SEO tips and our PR toolbox even comes with in-app purchases that improve your marketing SEO. However, there are a few things you can do on your own to strengthen your press release SEO before you hit the ‘submit’ button.

To cut through the noise and reveal a sound strategy for your SEO we’ve listed a few simple tricks to expand the reach of your press releases.

1. Scrutinise your SEO Strategy

Your keyword selection is the key to engaging the right audience. The wrong keywords can prove disastrous for your campaign.

A good starting point is to ask yourself what topics people in your niche search for.

For example, if you’re launching an app that helps people comparison shop, keywords like:

• Price comparison

• Cheapest prices

• Best comparison shopping sites

…will capture the attention of your audience. Essentially, you’ll need to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what they would search for if they were looking for information on your product.

And don’t assume they know who you are. Use keywords you know they will use. Build a library of those keywords and use the best ones in your press release. Our press release software works best with a running list of quality keywords.

2. Focus on Content Relevancy

Despite your focus on SEO, however, your keywords won’t help if your content is irrelevant to them. Press releases should first and foremost be readable, relevant, and newsworthy.

Journalists don’t want to read a sales pitch when reading your press release. They want to know the facts. They want your press release to answer the big 5 W’s—who, what, when, where, and why.

If your press release is stuffed with keywords but void of any relevant information, chances are they are going to ignore it.

So how can you do that? First, by understanding the story you want to tell. Outline the basics of what piece of news. Who does it relate to? How would you explain your product or business to someone who has never heard of it?

When you think of your press release in these terms you stand a much better chance of engaging both a journalist and your audience.

3. Develop Killer Headlines

Our PR toolbox is designed to help you get the attention of journalist and your audience. However, we can only do so much if your headline is boring and irrelevant.

Of course, SEO comes into play here again too.

Your headline should include your most important keywords and directly relate to your topic. And as you develop it, remember that your headline is the first thing your audience sees. It could even be the only thing they read since 59 percent of online readers only read the headline of stories.

Remember that your headline needs to be shareable and SEO for it to be successful. Use natural language that is engaging and free of industry jargon, particularly in your headline, if you want people to click on it.

4. PR Software Solutions Can Only Get You So Far—Use a Call-To-Action

Before you invest in any type of press release assistance, make sure you’re ready to go to the presses.

One common element surprisingly left out of press releases is a call to action. And if your audience doesn’t know what action to take after they read your press release what do you think the results of your PR campaign will be?

Ask yourself what action you want your audience to take after they read your press release, then use that as the basis of your CTA.

5. Be Social!

SEO loves social media. Sync up your press release with your social media profiles so you can connect your press release with your brand. Adding links in at the end of your press release to direct your audience to where you are online is a great way to boost your SEO.

Also, don’t be afraid to include images and even video in your press release, if it’s applicable. Video has dramatically increased in popularity in recent years, and it makes a big impact on your SEO as well. This also makes your press release far more shareable.

Wrapping it Up

Aside from using PR software solutions and press release software, these simple SEO tricks can vastly improve the visibility of your press release and your campaign. At the end of the day, however, keep your reader in the forefront of your mind and build your strategy around them for the best results.