online pr tools have meant that the media landscape as a whole has changed dramatically over the past few years." />

Posted: May 07, 2018

Advances in online news and online pr tools have meant that the media landscape as a whole has changed dramatically over the past few years.

Instead of being reliant on newspapers, meaning that everything revolved around deadlines and news cycles, the rise in the popularity of the internet has now meant that people interact with news in a different way. This has led to greater opportunities in online PR which has driven the need for online PR tools such as PRInABox.

This does not mean that traditional PR is dead, far from it. There is still a huge amount of value to be gained from press coverage. However, any content that you can get published in the press should also be released online as well, using pr software solutions, as this gives businesses much more opportunity to get their brand in front of their customers at the end of the day.

Getting content published online, also means that it is much easier to monitor the success of a PR drive through analytics such as link clicks and web traffic. But what are the other main advantages of using online PR tools?

Link Building Creates a Positive Effect on Brand Value

SEO is key when we are talking about anything in the online space, and a great way to improve your search engine results is to get links back to your website from a trusted website or blog. This is not something that traditional PR could have helped with but publishing content online like this gives added value to any campaign.

Not only do you secure great coverage that can help with your SEO but being online means that you have a better chance of connecting with your audience the world over - which gives you a much higher readership potential. One important note of warning though, if a print journalist says they will add your website details to their copy they more than likely won't be able to or will forget. It looks terrible in print, so most editors will leave it out.

More People will Read the Coverage

Traditional PR, which was based on newspaper coverage, tended to revolve around ABC figures. These were figures which told journalists how many copies of the paper had been sold and gave them an estimated amount of readers of your coverage based on the predicted number of people who would read that copy of the paper. As you can tell, it wasn't an exact science! It was a guesstimate at best, and there was really no way of telling how many people actually saw the coverage that you had slaved over.

One of the major benefits of online PR then is that you can see exactly how many people have read a piece, and what they have done following on from reading that piece (more on that below).

Traffic Referrals that relate to Sales and Revenue

In the past, the success of your PR efforts was measured by advertising value equivalent i.e. how much would you have to spend on advertising to get the same amount of column inches? Again, this was a pretty useless figure as there was no way of knowing how many people had seen the story, and there was no way of knowing how much business you got because of the article in the paper!

The beauty of online PR is that there are lots of analytics that you can use to measure the success of the coverage by tracking exactly how many people have seen it, and also how many people clicked through to your website and made an enquiry. This is vitally important for anyone who wants to measure exactly how their PR efforts are impacting on sales! You can also use online metrics to see which search terms and websites are helping you to generate the most revenue, which can help you with your future PR and other marketing activity as well.

Trackable Sharing

Getting your story in a paper or online is fantastic, a real achievement, but your PR efforts should not end there. You should be tracking how the news is being shared and who is talking about it to really see how well it is being received.

Social media is a great example of this. Through looking at social monitoring, you can see who is sharing the article and what they are saying about it. Some websites also include 'Share It' buttons which will give you access to analytics such as the number of times the page has been shared on Facebook or Twitter.

Reputation Management

In this age of the internet, it is highly likely that the first place your customer will go to find out about you is online. They may also have a look at your competition as well and see how you compare. Online PR, therefore, gives you a great opportunity to be more proactive in the way you portray yourself and how you manage your reputation online.

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