Posted: 02.10/2017

You have a beautiful press release written and ready to go. Now what? Sure, you could post it on every social media channel you already have, but what about other online PR outlets? You might think that hiring a PR agency is the only way to get your message out to the masses, but there is another way.

Press release distribution software is a powerful way to leverage your branding and get the response you want. PR software is revolutionising the way companies share their message, particularly startups. It can change the way your company does it too.

Not to mention that PR agencies are extremely expensive. They promise to secure all the distribution you want, but could online PR software do the same thing? The answer is yes.

You can cut out this PR ‘middleman’ and take back creative control of your media representation.

PR In a Box offers you that opportunity. But you might not be convinced just yet. You’re probably thinking, “but aren’t PR agencies guaranteed to get you a high ROI?” The answer is subjective. As it turns out, you could enjoy the same results without their services.

So the question is, are PR agencies worth their weight in salt?

How Much Do Companies Spend on PR Agencies?

According to the Holmes Report, PR agencies report earning hundreds of millions of dollars each year, with the top PR agency earning some $854 million in 2015. That translates into millions of dollars for their clients. However, their clients are the top tear earnings with companies worth billions of dollars.

What about small PR agencies? The same report goes on to show the lower earning PR agencies enjoy about $3.7 million in revenue each year. While dramatically less than the top-earning company, it still shows how much companies are dumping into these agencies every year.

What if you have a startup company or a small local business you simply want to get off the ground? Is it really reasonable to plop down $12,000 for a 3-month contract just for press release distribution? We would argue it’s not. Not only that, but technology is changing every year making press release distribution software all the more relevant.

The Impact of Tech on PR

Branding managers and PR reps have an obligation to know exactly what works for marketing and what doesn’t. With technology completely upending the way we communicate, it’s only fair that these specialists know how to translate your message effectively.

Despite this, PR has faced countless challenges including:

• Dealing with SEO

• Self-publication channels

• Demand for mobile

Technology has given the people more control over the content they see. A customised strategic approach to PR is the only way to navigate these challenges.

However, it turns out that online PR software does just as good of a job of getting your message out without the high costs and meeting these challenges.

PR Software Can Help

Every brand has a story to tell and needs support to tell it with ease. PR Software has the ability to convey your message without draining your wallet.

For example, our press release distribution software offers the following benefits to your company:

-Reduced Costs

Our costs are less than half of what you would pay a traditional PR agency. The results are the same but without the high price point. This allows you to funnel your marketing budget to other areas that can benefit your ROI.

-Database information accessible at your fingertips

Get access to journalist contact information so you can easily and quickly distribute your press releases and content to the right places. We also offer media lists and reporting that keeps your media outreach on track.

-No slowdown in social media response or media inquiries

Social media is a crucial component for brands in 2017 and beyond. Connecting with your audience drives sales. The ultimate goal of any social media strategy is to increase those sales. PR software can ensure that you never miss a beat with your branding.


With our software, you’ll learn how to properly position your content, how to build better content to distribute and so much more. We don’t leave you out in the cold. We empower you to distribute powerful messaging that gets results.

-Analytics information available in real time

Analytics and tracking of your branding campaigns help you sway with the market and avoid pitfalls of expensive marketing campaigns that don’t work.

-Tantalizing PR ideas your audience is guaranteed to respond to

Our online PR software also gives you delicious PR ideas that your audience loves.

For more information about how our press release distribution software can assist your business, please contact our team today.