Posted: 11.08.2017

At PR in a Box, we offer comprehensive press release distribution in the UK. The nature of our service causes us to get countless questions about how to successfully launch a press release. In addition to using our PR toolkit, we've also listed some of our top 10 rules for successful UK press release distribution.

Take these steps one by one and see how your distribution stacks up.

Rule 1. Know Your Reader

Anything to do with marketing requires that you fully understand your readers. If you don't know what your audience wants, likes, or needs, you won't be able to craft a powerful press release that gets real results.

Get inside their minds, learn what they think about, and leave no doubt in your mind that what you've created with your press release will work.

The best press releases are defined by how aligned they are with the ideal audience. Even the most well-written press release won't go anywhere if the audience doesn't want what you're selling or has no interest in reading it. You have to understand your audience to craft a press release that works.

Rule 2. Make it Punchy

Press releases are a form of branding. Online marketers can't live without tools to do so. Even today, press releases are a vital component to any healthy marketing plan. But they do require a slightly different approach. SEO is less about backlinks and more about engagement and effective branding.

Your job is to make your press release punchy and entertaining right from the get go. You can do that if you have a clear understanding of your market, know what your competitors are doing, and know exactly what makes you better than them.

Once you're armed with that information, you can move forward with writing a punchy press release that you can proudly distribute it to the right outlets. Before you do that, though, you have to write it.

Rule 3. Keep it Short

You don't have to be an expert in press release marketing to understand a lengthy article won't get any results. For the best press release distribution in the UK, you have to think, again, like your readers. They don't want to read an eBook. They want to know the facts. The who, what, where, when and why, and they want to know it quickly.

Answer those questions and introduce a professional opinion and you're set up for success.

Rule 4. Cross Promote

Once you've written the best press release possible, the next step is to start promoting it. Cross promoting is an important tool you can use. Most people in the industry call it a "Free Form of Advertising." Cross promotion can happen across multiple mediums with public relations at the helm.

While you will need to manage your costs and make sure that credibility comes across while you're promoting you also have to find the right partner for distribution. You may have far more channels for cross promotion than you realise. You could attract far more traffic and qualified leads than you expect by making a partnership with the right person in your niche.

Rule 5. Opt for Only the Best Distribution Channels

Affordable distribution isn't always the best. Distribution will cost you an investment. UK press release distribution can cost you $500 or more just for a simple 400-word limit. However, if you do invest in the right distribution channel you could stand to earn thousands in returns. For example, with our PR toolkit you can earn a substantial ROI. We distribute our products to the right channels so you get the best results. Play it smart and opt for the best partners to distribute your press release to.

Rule 6. Syndicate

Another powerful tool is syndication. Syndication to your social media channels can be the catalyst you need. Key channels to investigate are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. Your goal should be branding and generating creditability for your brand, which at the end of the day will get traffic back to your business website.

Rule 7. Only Start Distributing When You Have Big News

Don't assume you need to distribute your press release just because you have. You have to send media outlets news stories that are worthy of being published. Creating awareness about your brand is far more important than pumping out press releases just for the sake of doing so.

To be successful in your distribution, you have to have a truly newsworthy and compelling story to tell. Journalists will be interested in nothing else.

Getting your message out is critical. Having the right tools can get you started in the right direction. Our PR toolkit gets you a good foundation to build on. Once you've developed it, contact our team for press release distribution in the UK. We'll make sure it gets noticed by all the right people.