Posted: 19.11.2017

Investing in PR can be a daunting task for small businesses. But there is significant ROI if you do. Although we specialise in offering online PR tools, we also want to give you a good reason to invest in what we do—you shouldn’t just take our word for it.

#1. Over 90% of B2B buying starts with an online search.

Modern shopping has evolved. Today, 90% of all B2B shopping starts online. How is your business tapping into this potential? Do you know how to connect with your customer’s pain point? That’s what a PR campaign is designed to do. Beyond press release distribution, you need a PR campaign that gets you qualified leads who want to know what you’re up to.

#2. B2B companies who have blogs enjoy over 67% more leads each month than those without.

There are several ways to engage with your audience, and blogging is one very important tool. As you can see, businesses who do it get 67% more leads every month. Building opinion pieces, case studies, or just by using tools like ours for press release distribution in the UK are all great ways to build up your leads. Don’t underestimate the power of continuous content.

#3. 76% of journalists want stories that are social media friendly.

According to research, over 76% of journalists feel pressured to think of your story in terms of social media reach. When you’re trying to pitch journalists with a press release story, you better be prepared to sell it to them in a way that appeals to social media. Otherwise, your chances of getting accepted are slim.

#4. Journalists get about 50-100 press releases sent to them each week.

Imagine being sent over 50-100 press releases each week. How would you differentiate them? According to research, 68% of them prefer to just get the facts from your press release. Our press release distribution tools focus on what journalists want to see to make sure your story gets published.

#5. The American attention span is about 8 seconds.

How can you grab the attention of an audience whose attention only last 8 seconds? Be interesting! From a public relation standpoint, you have to develop compelling, intriguing, and clever content. The content you do create should also be sent to the right outlets, so you get maximum exposure. By doing so will go much farther than a traditional advertising campaign.

#6. 70% of customers would rather get to know your brand through articles and blogs than ads.

Have you ever thought about how your customers want to get to know you? Statistics show that some 70% of customers would prefer to engage with and get to know your brand through blogs and articles instead of ads. They want your thoughts, opinions, and latest insights. Our online PR tools help you share that information quickly and accurately. Go this route if you want to have a bigger impact on your clients than you do with traditional ads.

#7. 68% of people like spending time reading content from the brands they want to buy from.

How much time do you spend reading information on your favorite brands?

If you are into lifestyle brands that offer organic products, you probably spend a good deal of time reading their suggestions for home-based solutions. If you dig tech brands like Apple or Tesla, you likely enjoy reading their interviews of blog articles about the industry’s latest innovation.

You can take a similar approach to your own brand. With 68% of people actually wanting to read content from the brands they buy from, it only makes sense to captialise on this with your own business. Don’t think that spending time writing content is a waste of your time. The results might far exceed your expectations.

What Action Should You Take?

Above all, every aspect of your PR campaign should be driven by your audience and what they want. Their needs, desires, and wants should come above any ideas you have—and the facts tell us a story. These statistics show that people want to:

• Read content from the brands they buy from

• Want to find information about your brand online

• Read something short and to the point

Where does your brand stand? What about your approach to press release distribution in the UK? Are you well-versed with what journalists are looking for? If not, it could be the time you get professional help.

At PR In a Box, we stay committed to learning what your audience and journalists want to see. Through our online pr tools, we help companies like yours get the best results. Contact our team to learn more.enter details