Posted: 25.10.2017

Over half of all consumers don’t trust brands.


One might argue because brands frequently fall prey to common PR mistakes.

For the sake of argument, most PR strategies lack the leadership and commitment to drive home the results companies need. Consistency is also key. PR software, like our online PR software solutions, provides a straighter path to success.

But what if you are continually making mistakes? What if you don’t even know you’re making them?

Today we’re looking at some common PR myths that might just be killing your PR strategy, and a few ways to avoid them.

Myth #1. You Don’t Need a PR Strategy

No matter how small your business is, you need a PR strategy.

Far too many business owners fail to understand the power of a PR strategy. When asked what they do for PR most say something to the tune of, “I respond to comments on my social media profile,” or “I outsource the work to a local virtual assistant.”

Unfortunately, these strategies just won’t cut it.

Relentless and strategic PR is a must to improve brand presence in an increasingly diverse world. In 2017, there is nothing worse you can do for your business than refusing to invest in a strategic PR plan. With small business continuing to grow at a rate of 80 an hour in the UK, now is not the time to rest on your laurels.

Not only should you have a consistent and well planned out PR strategy, you also need to invest in modern technology to streamline it. PR software solutions simplify this process by centralising your communications.

Naysayers are typically people who haven’t either:

A.) Properly invested in a PR campaign


B.) Assume they can do it all themselves

Your business can’t afford to take advice from individuals who haven’t invested fully in PR.

Myth #2. Your Response Doesn’t Matter

It’s difficult to believe, but some people still cling to the idea that how they respond to customers or disasters doesn’t matter. They wrongly feel that no response is often the best route or they do something similar to what Elon Musk, creator of the company Tesla, did in 2016.

Tesla’s Model S vehicle has an autopilot feature that turned out to be far from 100 percent reliable. That feature is loved by many Tesla owners, but in May of 2016, an owner of a Tesla was killed when the autopilot feature had difficulty deciphering between the back of a truck and the open sky and the vehicle slammed into the back of the truck. This wasn’t the only horrific event. Another driver was killed in China and a third accident had devastating consequences for another vehicle.

In response, Tesla refused to change the marketing around the autopilot feature. Outcries from Tesla owners became a serious issue as the company continued to refuse to address what had happened. Following the crash, Musk along with Tesla sold over $2 Billion of their stock and called the crash not “material” to the company. This, of course, fueled negative news coverage that continued to shine a negative light on the automaker. It also led to a slight initial dip in stock prices, of which it did recover from.

Simple responses can have a profound effect on your business. Don’t buy into the myth that you can respond however you like without recourse, even if you’re a small business.

Myth #3. Only Millennial Focused Companies Need to Use Social Media

Millennial-focused companies do need to use social networking, but so do companies engage any other demographic. According to research, over 70 percent of adults aged 50-64 use Facebook. The bottom line is if you aren’t using social media to spread the word about your business and engage with your customers, you’re losing out on a powerful PR tool.

Myth #4. PR Software Solutions Are Convenient But They Don’t Work Long-Term

Today, PR software solutions are so much more than just plug-and-play. They are fully customized to fit your business and unique experiences. Services of our online PR software include:

• Brand positioning

• Media relations

• Business profiling

• Content creation

• Measurement & ROI

• Event Management

Virtually every service you’ll ever need from a PR specialist is now available in one compact PR software solution.

Myth #5. You Have to Hire a Big PR Firm If You Want Real Results

Again, that’s false. Using the latest tools and techniques, our simple and affordable PR software can handle all your PR needs. All you need is a clear end goal and our tool will do the rest.

Ready to take your PR game to the next level? Then browse our services to learn more about how we can help you build your business through proven PR software solutions.